I.V. Design - a company that operates at the intersection of design, branding, marketing, advertising and consulting fields. The agency officially opened in 1999 and for a long time has positioned as "creative", directing efforts on the specific creative tasks in the field of advertising digital design and marketing. Moreover, these tasks are usually put the customer himself.

When we have grown and has gained considerable experience working with clients of all sizes from various industries, we found that our skills in setting marketing objectives are often much higher than the level of the customer. Among our services appeared brand consulting,than we were started connect to the process at the stage of strategic planning of activities designed to achieve specific business goals.

Today we make a wide range of works from the brand consulting to application design.

What we are

  1. Brand consulting. Analysis of the status of the brand and marketing processes, the development of the brand and brand strategy design.
  2. Identity Design. Development of visual identity and rules of its use to support the values, ideas and brand promotional activities.
  3. The design of online and offline presentation. Design of sites, presentations, indoor and outdoor advertising, print and media advertising, non-standard advertising concepts and much more.
  4. Development of communication strategies.
  5. Consulting, design and technical support for the implementation of brand strategy.



    We have experienced, responsible and honest peoples. Their reputation for them more than money. They are tested by time, clients, money and lack of money. This allows us to assign a fair price for our work and stick to their own ideas about the rules of relationships with customers and partners. Market conditions and examples are taken into account, but are not decisive.